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Sygnalizacja przyzywowa, panele nadłóżkowe – INSEL

Streamlink the work of medical staff

We ensure patient safety and comfort

We increase the prestige of institution

Over-bed Panels OPS

Panel nadłóżkowy OPS 4100 Standard 1600 Insel

Standard 1200

Panel nadłóżkowy OPS 4100 6 gazów medycznych Insel

Standard 1600

Panel nadłóżkowy OPS 4100 6 gazów medycznych Insel

Standard 2000

Panel nadłóżkowy dziecięcy Insel

Children's wards

Panel nadłóżkowy OPS 4100 Standard 2000 6 gazów medycznych Insel


Advanced technology and perfect design are both the effect of cooperation of experienced engineers and designers.
Two types of profiles – plastic and aluminium combined were used for the first time. Innovative combination of both materials for building the panels helps to get ultimate smoothness that is especially important when it gets to cleaning and maintaining the unit clean. Moreover the gas duct was nicely combined with electrical wiring so that to decrease the overall size of the lamp. Thanks to these solutions elegant and practical, non-overwhelming and fully equipped panels were obtained.

Elegance and prestige
Over-bed panels were created based on top-of-the-range trends of modern design. Delicate, streamlined panels perfectly complement their ultimate smoothness greatly adding to the room décor. Thanks to that it does not create the overwhelming feel with the panel size. Sober colour as well as the warm light are building reassuring and comforting character of the interior adding it to the therapeutic effect. Aesthetics, equipment and the functionality of over-bed panels are blending very well into the more and more modern décors of hospital interiors.

Well profiled and smooth surface of the panel, rounded edges and sealed joints on the whole length of the panel are creating one-piece structure eliminating the possibility of dust accumulation in such joints, grooves or surface pockets. This innovative concept helps to keep the panel clean which is very important when it comes to places like hospitals.

Any configuration possible
Our panels can be configured in almost any way. We can make panels in any color and length. The user can also determine the number and type of light sources, the number and location of mains and telecommunication sockets as well as medical gas outlet points.

Installation and service
Our panels are characterized by a simple and thoughtful assembly method. All works related to the attachment of the bedside panel to the wall and connection of medical gas outlets are performed without the main lamp panel. Access to the internal components of the panel is simple and requires no specialized tools.

Safety of use
Insel overbed panels are designed and manufactured in such a way that the housing does not have any sharp edges or edges. The external shape of the panel makes it impossible to put items on it. The panel has no screws on the outside of the housing. Our products are equipped with electrical sockets with shutters of current paths.

The panels are made of aluminum and high-class plastics. They are equipped with modern, durable and energy-saving electrical and electronic components.

Over-bed panels fulfill the European Safety Medial and Compatibility requirements. They are manufactured using the implemented ISO 13485 Medical Product Quality Management System.

High quality equipment in standard
Panels are equipped with modern lighting fixtures giving vast savings when compared to traditional fixtures. Energy-saving, high durability fluorescent lamps T-5, high efficiency electronic ballast units with no flickering and no humming effect, LED night light, tamper protection for power sockets, microprocessor controlled steering units, digital page signalization.