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Sygnalizacja przyzywowa, panele nadłóżkowe – INSEL

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Safety for the disabled persons

The system for bathrooms for disabled persons is allowing calling for help in an emergency such as fainting.
It consists of the emergency switches with WŁ41 push-button or WŁ40 pull-string switch, LS41 B lamps with a beep, PS 210 cancelling unit, power supply and the PMS 4820 small matrix.


Pressing the button or pulling the string triggers the lamp with the acoustic alarm above the entrance to the room. Optical and acoustical signals are intermittent. Additionally the LED light in the cancelling unit (sub-control unit) goes on.
The alarm signal may be passed onto other rooms that are equipped with additional lamps with a beep. In case of more rooms that are to be monitored the PMS 4820 small matrix can be used.
Cancelling of the triggered alarm is only possible in the sub-matrix of the room the alarm was triggered in. Consequently cancelling of the alarm without checking its physical cause is not possible.

PS 210

The PS 210 sub-control unit intended to be used in bathrooms for disabled systems. It receives signals from bathroom switches and manages the signalling lamps. In case of more bathrooms monitored it can pass the signal to the PMS 4820 small matrix in the duty room.

PMS 4820

Small matrix intended to be used in digital signalling systems. Incoming calls are displayed on the LCD screen intermittently and are signalled with a beep and a LED light. For nurse calls the red light is used while the blue light is used for doctor calls. Due to small capacity it can be used in systems supporting up to 6 rooms.

WL 40

Bathroom pullstring switch. Allows activating an alarm by pulling the string ended with a load, with a nurse pictogram on it.

WL 41

Bathroom press-button switch. Allows activating an alarm by pressing the button with a nurse pictogram on it.

LS 41B

One-color indicator light – red with a beeper. Designed for analog and simplified digital signal systems as an additional indicator.