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Sygnalizacja przyzywowa, panele nadłóżkowe – INSEL

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Sub-control units

PS 407

The PS 407 room and bathroom sub-control unit is an element of the SSP 4000D call signaling system and replaces the earlier version of the PS 405. It enables the transmission of paging and alarm signals from the sick room and bathroom in this room, or from an independent bathroom to the nursing station, and from there to medical rooms and apparatuses sound system.
In addition, they control signal lamps in the corridor and allow the deletion of all signals triggered from a given room. The PS 407 sub-control unit can control ordinary LS 43 three-color lamps or LS 144 four-color lamps. The fourth color – white – signals a call from the bathroom for the disabled.
Additionally, when the sub-control unit is set to work with a four-color lamp, it is possible to control an additional two-color directional lamp.

PS 110

The control unit of room and bathroom. Designed for simple systems. Receives signals from bedside devices, above-bed panel sets and bathroom switches and passes them to the matrix signal system. Any information about the current state of the device are depicted on the LCD screen and additionally indicated by two LEDs diodes and a buzzer sound. Allows to confirm the presence of medical staff in the room, switching functions CALL A DOCTOR and canceling all activated alarms. It controls single-color indicator light.