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Sygnalizacja przyzywowa, panele nadłóżkowe – INSEL

Streamlink the work of medical staff

We ensure patient safety and comfort

We increase the prestige of institution

Digital call system SPP 4000D

Range of devices that make up a modern microprocessor-based call system SSP 4000 D is our latest offer for hospitals, clinics, social welfare homes, hotels and many other facilities where quick and clear information about the need for aid is of great importance for life and health.

matryca sygnalizacyjna sygnalizacja przyzywowa PMS4801

Matrix signal system

Matrix signal system Insel

Matrices - designed for digital signaling systems. Incoming calls are displayed cyclically on the LCD screen and are signaled by an LED diode.
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Podcentralka Insel

Sub-control units

Sub-control units Insel

They enable confirmation of the presence of personnel in a given room, activation of the CALL A DOCTOR function and the deletion of all attached alarm signals.
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Aparat przyłóżkowy z manipulatorem

Bedside devices

Bedside devices Insel

They enable the patient to turn on the paging signal. This signal contains a coded bed number, which allows the personnel to be informed exactly where the signal was triggered.
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Paging system registering unit

Paging system registering unit Insel

The RM 41 event recorder is a device that allows to record in the non-volatile memory all signals triggered in the signaling system.
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Paging system
registering unit with SMS

Paging system
registering unit with SMS

A recorder that allows notifying staff and doctors about calls by means of short text messages (SMS) sent to mobile phones.
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Łazienki dla niepełnosprawnych

Bathroom switches

Bathroom switches Insel

Pull-on or push-button bathroom switches. They enable the activation of an alarm signal by pulling a string or pressing a button with a nurse's pictogram.
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Lampka sygnalizacyjna Insel

Signal lights

Signal lights Insel

Signal lamps in one or three colors (red / green / blue). Intended for digital signaling systems as door lamps.
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Aparat nagłośnienia Insel

Sound equipment

Sound equipment Insel

The device is used to play CALL A DOCTOR messages. Placed in medical rooms and corridors, it informs about the need for medical intervention.
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Through the use of microprocessors in almost all of equipment, the system presented by us is extremely efficient and user friendly. Logical operation, utility in many display devices (which almost intuitively inform about events and accompanying functions), voice messages, the total control of signals reaching their recipients (nurse call and doctor call) and more unique features consists to one of the most innovative call systems.

Attractive design, use of high quality materials, the modern mode of production and its control allowed us to offer you an ergonomic and reliable system.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction of alarm devices and the use of very advanced technology the system which was formed is characterized by a compact, robust construction, trouble-free installation and easy operation. At the same time it is an open system that can be expanded in the future and equipped with other necessary devices. This system is designed for any size of facilities, depending on the individual needs of users. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the usage of this system.

Specific features and characteristics of the system:

  • signaling activated calls on the matrix board in the duty office of the form:
    • loud voice messages
    • subtitles defining room and bed number
    • a large number of the room, which relates to the playback voice message
    • luminous colored indicator lights
  • automatic transmission of signals set off by patients to facilities where there is a nurse
  • the ability to summon a nurse by the other nurse
  • the ability to summon a doctor by a nurse
  • confirming the presence of the nurse in the ward
  • confirming the presence of a doctor in the ward
  • confirmation that the signal has reached the staff
  • signaling activated functions on the sub-control unit screen and by multi-colored lights placed over the entrances to the rooms
  • memory recording of earlier released signals in case of a power failure
  • continuous self-control of the presence of ‘pear shaped’ manipulators in bedside devices
  • event recording with an extensive analysis of the work of departments
  • a system of calling a doctor and a nurse supplemented with an SMS notification module
  • voice communication system patient room – nurse
  • an unambiguous system of descriptions and pictograms
  • simple, intuitive operation of all devices
  • the possibility of any system configuration depending on the needs
  • minimum dimensions allowing the devices to be installed in any place that is most convenient for the user
  • simple installation and commissioning of the system