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Sygnalizacja przyzywowa, panele nadłóżkowe – INSEL

Streamlink the work of medical staff

We ensure patient safety and comfort

We increase the prestige of institution

Quality system

The purpose of the INSEL’s quality policy is to provide products for healthcare facilities and others, in line with the quality expectations and requirements of our clients, including EU and national legal requirements, prices and the actions of competitors.

The main directions of our quality oriented activities are:

  1. Identifying the needs and expectations of customers
  2. Prevention of products creation which do not meet requirements
  3. Continuous improvement of staff qualification
  4. Planning and documentation of quality activities
  5. Purchases from the suppliers of required quality
  6. Ensuring the organization and resources to achieve the objectives of quality standards
  7. Continuous products excellence to increase patient safety.

This is achieved through actions implemented in INSEL in the framework of the Quality Management System which meets the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016.

The quality policy has been determined by the Owner based of the directions of development strategy of the company INSEL. The quality policy is adept by all employees through the implementation of goals and objectives arising from the policy itself.